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Your barrage of hate filled words still come out painfully slick

hi my name is case.

ive liked TLD for a long time. favorite song is either Wishing Well or The Consequences Of Learning How To Fly

scott is truely amazing.
ive been trying to turn my friends onto TLD. cause no one else around me or that i hang out or go to school with have heard of TLD.

im trying to share an amazing songwriter with them.

scott you should come to charlotte NC sometime... i will definately without a doubt come see you
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i think we were trying for the tremont on one of those tba's. hopefully something around that area will pan out.
that would really be awesome. if you need an opening band or something our band has played there before and would love to play with you. we are farva. if you dont need us then i will still defiantely come see you.
later man

yeah i forgot. sorry
wishing well is my favorite